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25 Micro Crochet Animals

The Cutest Crochet Animals You Will Ever See!

Lions, and tigers and bears? Oh my! Move aside Finger Monkey… there’s a new cuteness overload in town.Brace yourself for the cutest Micro Amigurumi you have ever seen.
All I want to do is crochet these little guys, nothing more. They are truly a work of art!

Some artists go all out by creating massive pieces of art that are impossible to miss. But Su Ami, a family of artists from Vietnam, are more interested in the little things.

Their absolutely itty-bitty creations come in the form of miniature crocheted animals. These things are smaller than your finger and they are engineered to make you pass out from cuteness.

1. Elefun.


2. I’d be lion if I said that isn’t cute.


3. Doggone that’s adorable.


4. Thanks, Mr. Narwhal.


5. Dangerously cute.


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Source: Su Ami