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6 Ways to Save When Buying Yarn

6 Ways to Save on Yarn 

The price of yarn seems to have jumped very high lately. It used to be economical to make your own but now-a-days if you’re not careful, it can actually cost you more.

Here are 5 ways to save on yarn:


1. Swap with fellow crafters. Most knitters and crocheters have a huge stockpile of unused yarn from previous projects they don’t know what to do with. Maybe what they have is perfect for a small project you are about to embark on. This way you can pretty much get yarn for free. If you have a large enough circle of friends who do this hobby, host a party where you swap yarns. This could be a fun afternoon!

2. Check on places like and Craigslist in the free or hobby section. Often times, you can find yarn being sold or given away in lots (boxes of it). They may not be exactly what you need right now, but it’s free yard so you can create projects with it.

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