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[Pattern] Free: Crochet lion amigurumi

This Lion is No Coward!

Lions are one of the most amazing creatures. They’re loyal, fierce, courageous and true Kings/Queens of Africa. This crochet Amigurumi Lion isn’t shy on any of his real life cousins’ characteristics. What a lovely creature to have as an Amigurumi character at home!IMG_0250.JPG

Follow along with the pattern below!

This pattern measures 21cms.

Pattern notes:
The pattern is worked in continuous rounds without joining at the end of each round. The semi colon between rounds indicates similar pattern is to be followed for the rounds between them. The mane is rooted*.

Follow the pattern under mane for the mane cap. To make the hair like appearance for the mane, cut yarn to strips of desired length to be worked into almost every sc on the mane cap. Fold the yarn in half; make a knot similar to the larks head knot in macramé into the mane cap.

Click here for the free pattern.








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