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[Tutorial] Crochet Star Stitch

How to Crochet the Star Stitch

The first time I saw this stitch was in a gifted set of washcloths when my first child was born. It was absolutely beautiful and the perfect baby wash cloth that lasted through two children.

It’s not a complicated stitch but I would recommend someone have a good knowledge of crochet or a lot of patience. It’s primarily a lot of loops and hdc. Once you’ve done the first 3 rows, it comes by pretty easily. Like everything in crochet!

Since our days with the star stitch washcloths, I’ve enjoyed making afghan borders with this stitch and baby clothing.

What will you add it to?

The Spruce has done a wonderful photo tutorial on each of the steps to create this stitch.

Crochet star stitch is a stitch that is worked in multiple loops across the row. You make one “star” next to another across the row. There are rows of hdc stitch between the rows of stars. This stitch is also sometimes called the “marguerite stitch” or the “daisy stitch” and may also be known as a “spiked cluster”. The latter is good to know because it gives us a visual of how each “star” is going to be formed by a cluster of “spikes”, which is helpful to know because eventually, you’ll be working between some of the spikes.

Star stitch crochet can be made of stars with a varying number of spikes, so you will find different instructions for different variations on this stitch. These directions are for making a five-spike star stitch, which is one of the most common variations. Learning to make this stitch will help you understand how to make any variation of the stitch.

Follow along here!


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