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[Free Pattern] Good and Evil Granny Crochet Block

Good and Evil Granny Block Crochet Afghan

The color block and exchange in this pattern is one of the most unique and eye-catching that we’ve come across. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge and want to do something completely different, this pattern is for you!

Which color combo will you do?

Yarn and Colors: Most of my color placement was random and I used various balls of scrap yarn that had lost their labels. I did stick to one rule. I separated all of my colors in light colors, medium colors and dark colors. Dark colors made the shadows. I used the light colors in contrast to the dark colors. I used the medium colors to make the static center square design. I did make a few static squares using some of the light colors and it still works. I am currently using a mixture of medium hues to make a strip blanket and that’s working, too. The possibilities are endless and there are no rules. Changing colors, hues, arrangement, it all leads to something unique and you.

For this pattern, I will be using 3 different colors to simply demonstrate where color changes should take place.

You will be turning your work after EVERY round. This is very important.

Special Stitches:

~ BegShell: SC, Ch1, 2DC

~ Shell: 3DC

~ CCC (Color Change Corner): With current color used, 2DC, YO, insert hook in same space, YO, draw up and loop, YO, pull through two loops on the hook, drop current color, YO with new color, pull through last two loops on hook, Ch1, Shell in same space with the new color.

Colors used in this example:

Color A – Turquoise

Color B – Pink

Color C – Purple

Click here for the original pattern.

Click here for the revelry pattern.


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