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[Free Pattern] Puppy Dog Crochet Hat

Adorable Puppy Dog Crochet Hat

One of my favorite things about winter is all the cute hats that appear! And I don’t mean store-bought fleece hats. Handmade crochet hats take the cake every time. 

This dog pattern is one of our favorite free patterns! I’m sure you can see why.


Read on for the pattern.

Ask and you shall receive! I’ve had many requests for a puppy hat from my Facebook readers over the past couple months so this pattern was quickly bumped to the top of the to-do list! I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so kind and supportive of me and my blog. I’ve received so many wonderful comments and e-mails lately. Thank You! It really means a lot to me and keeps me motivated to keep on crafting and crocheting!

Before we begin let me remind you of some basic directions you should follow while crocheting my hats:

– Always start your rounds in the same stitch as your chain.

– Always join your rounds to the first DC, NOT the chain.

– Your last stitch should be in the stitch before your chain.

– Do NOT count the chain 2 as a stitch.

Click here for the free pattern. 


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