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[Free Pattern] Vibrant Catherine Wheel Afghan

Beautiful and Vibrant Catherine Wheel Afghan Crochet Pattern 

This pattern uses a beautiful array of colors in a unique design. The pattern repeats itself throughout so once you’ve completed the first few rows, it will become like second nature. Each circle is a combination of two rows a which help blend the color transitions beautifully. If you have an eye for color, the pattern is pretty easy to swap out colors but if you don’t consider yourself to be fantastic at colour matches, maybe just stick to what she has here. 

The question shouldn’t be will you make one, it should be who are you going to make one for? 


54″ Wide x 44″ Long

When counting circles, there is a total of 41 circles seen from top to bottom. The final circle is the same as the starting row to bring consistency to the look.

The repeat of the colouring of circles appears 4 times.

This afghan when on a bed is actually sideways as it’s wider than it is tall.

2012 – 2013’s Modern Colours to Choose:

Original Colours 2001, = Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple

Today’s Colours for Super Saver Colours = Black, Cherry Red, Carrot, Cornmeal, Tea Leaf, Blue & Amethyst

Today’s Colours for With Love = Black, Holly Berry, Mango, Daffodil, Lettuce, Blue Hawaii & Aubergine

 There is two strands being used at one time. This is creating the double thickness. Where you see a solid colour circle, there is actually two strands of the same colour being used at the same time. One colour is overlapping over three circles as it transitions in, full colour and then transitions out. This is creating the vibrant colour bleeding that is looking like the colours are melting together.

Materials Used:
Size K Crochet Hook, 6.5 MM

This afghan is a bit of a yarn pig.

You will need between 3 – 4 balls of each of the 7 colours. Red Heart With Love or Super Saver 7 oz or 198 g.

Click here for the pattern.


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