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How to Know Which is the Best Crochet Hook to Use

Make the Most of Your Project With the Right Hook

Patterns all include what size of hook to used but few include the shape of hook you should use to maximize the results you get. 

Once I learned these tips it change the game for me! I hope you get great value from them too.

Use these tips and change your work!

The right crochet hook can make a project go so much better for the maker. When looking for the best crochet hooks, you need to consider the project type, the yarn you’re using, how you hold the hook, and any ergonomic needs you might have. There is no one “right” crochet hook but it’s possible to find the best crochet hooks for your own unique requirements.

round best crochet hooks

If you’re looking for a simple answer as to the best crochet hooks then the general consensus from recent informal web surveys is that Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks are the best option. Here are some of the reasons that these crochet hooks are so popular:

-Soft rubber design is comfortable on the hands for prolonged periods of crochet

-Unique shape is designed specifically for smooth crocheting

-Combination of rubber and aluminum makes these durable, long-lasting crochet hooks

-Affordable in comparison with other ergonomic crochet hooks

Read the full article here and get all the tips!


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