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Turkish Puff Stitch

How to Crochet the Turkish Puff Stitch

Exotic and detailed stitches are my favorite to learn and this Turkish Puff Stitch lives up to the standards. It works well with an H hook and DC/Worsted weight yarn although you could size down your hook/yarn for a baby blanket. Any two contrastive colors will work and the length can be made as long as you like. This was originally done as a Loofah (Turkish) but could easily be made into different projects. 

The original pattern was done in Rusian but a rough translation can be found below. 


66 chain
1/ dc 5 chain *skip 1 chain dc next 7 chain* Repeat **dc remaining chain.

2/dc 2 chain *skip 1 dc skip 1 dc 1 skip 1 dc next 3 chain* repeat**

3/ *dc skip 1 dc* repeat**

then follow picture picking up twice in each hole.


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