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[Tutorial] How to Crochet an Invisible Join

How to Crochet an Invisible Join and Traditional Join

When working in a circle there are two distinct ways to join your rounds. First is working in a continuous round which works well but you have to be very careful to use a stitch marker. Second is to work in complete rounds which if joined properly, is the best looking way. 

There are two ways to join your complete rounds. One is the traditional join and the second is the invisible join. Both work well but the invisible join is worth learning for professional looking projects. 

Do you do the traditional or the invisible? 

Note: Substituting the Slip Stitch Join with the Invisible Seam

You can use the invisible join in any pattern that calls for the traditional sl st join. You just have to understand the anatomy of your stitches.

When using an invisible join, the “false” stitch replaces the sl st AND the first stitch of the round, be this the beginning ch or a standing stitch.

Where a pattern asks you to do anything in the same stitch as the sl st join, you will do it in this “false” stitch instead.

“Ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as the sl st join”, for example, will become: “Sc in the first stitch of the previous round (which will be the “false” stitch).

Click here to see the tutorial on both stitches. 


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