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[Video Tutorial] Crochet Broomstick Stitch Infinity Scarf

How to Crochet the Broomstick Lace Stitch and Scarf Pattern with Video Tutorial

For a video on different variations of the Broomstick / Peacock eye, see our post from last year.

This is easily one of the most beautiful stitches. It is a little complicated when first attempting but if you stick with it, the stitch will come along nicely. It works well with many variations of yarn but our favorite is Redheart Unforgettable in Sunrise and Stained Glass. The Bhooked tutorial below was done with Dragonfly and second picture was done with Polo.
An h hook works well with this yarn but you can size up or down your hooks to match your yarn.

This stitch looks best with worsted and lighter yarns. I really like it in sport weight and DK.

Tip – You can also use a Popsicle stick to help create this stitch

Stitch Guide: Broomstick stitch – The broomstick stitch requires two steps to complete one row, a loop step and a crochet step. Insert your hook into the first chain or stitch and draw up a long loop. Place this loop on the knitting needle with the working yarn at the front of the work. Continue drawing loops through the chains or stitches and placing them on your hook until you have reached the end of your row. Move the working yarn to the back of the work. Count the first 5 loops and insert your hook from left to right underneath all 5. Carefully slide these 5 loops off your hook. Pick up your working yarn and yarn over (yo) and pull through the loop on your hook. Chain one to lock it in place. Sc 5 times around the loops. This will create the twist in the stitch. Pick up the next five loops just as before and sc 5 times across the top. Continue to the end of the row.

Click here for the written instructions

Check out the next page for the video!


Video Tutorial for the Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf

Check out this amazing tutorial video from Bhooked!


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