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[Video Tutorial] Getting the Professional Look with Variegated Yarn – Pooling

Going from Amatuer to Professional with Variagated Yarn

Have you ever started a project using variegated yarn and the colors just don’t seem to line up well? Well then you’ve either not been pooling your yarn or working with a pattern structured for color variegation.

These tips will help you get that professional look!

Using the basic pooling pattern:

Always chain an even number, or the linen stitch will not work properly.

You will make two chains at the end of each row instead of one chain. One of the two chains is a turning chain as normal and does not count as a stitch, while the other chain counts as the first stitch.

Start with a 5mm/US H-8 or a 5.5mm/US I-9 hook and adjust as necessary for the pooling to happen. Keep in mind what you’re using your project for, and along with the color make sure your fabric isn’t too stiff or loose for the intended purpose.

If your project requires multiple skeins, make sure you use the same dye lot.

Red Heart has the written pattern here and the yarn color lists. 

Check out the next page for two amazing videos!


Two Amazing Videos on Pooling Yarn

Check out these fantastic videos from Red Heart on pooling.

Thank you Red Heart for the amazing Tutorials!


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